A Message from CITIZEN

CITIZEN has been creating innovative watches since 1918. Our brand has always been based on a philosophy of making “products that people love.” And our mission is to provide better watches to more people everywhere. The number of world firsts and best-in-class products we have created are testament to our century-long passion for innovation.

As amanufacture d'horlogerie, we make every part of the watch, from components tofinished products. All of our products are inspired by the values of BetterStarts Now—the idea that “it is always possible to make something better, andnow is the time to start doing it”.

AtBaselworld last year, we unveiled Eco-Drive One, the world's thinnestlight-powered watch. With its 2.98mm case and 1.00mm movement, Eco-Drive Onesymbolises our readiness to tackle the most daunting technical challenges.Eco-Drive One came from the passion of today's engineers to go one better thanthe world's thinnest analogue quartz watch, itself created by CITIZEN engineerssome 40 years ago. At CITIZEN, we set the benchmarks which we ourselves thensurpass.

At thisyear's Baselworld, we will be unveiling new Eco-Drive One models. These designvariations will give even greater breadth and character to our flagship model.We will also be debuting other new models, including from PROMASTER (ourprofessional sports watch), CITIZEN L (our ladies' watch with its new take onluxury) and CITIZEN Bluetooth Watch (no charging cables needed).

CITIZENWatch Group, meanwhile, will be exhibiting watches designed to match the variedtastes and aspirations of customers all around the world. This year we havemoved the CITIZEN booth to be right next door to the BULOVA booth, a reflectionof the BULOVA brand's centrality to the whole group. There is also a CITIZENPAVILION where the Alpina, Arnold & Son, BULOVA, CAMPANOLA, CITIZEN andFrederique Constant brands come together under one roof. By showing eachbrand's latest products in an expansive space, we can more effectivelycommunicate the unique beauty of the individual products and our shared groupvision.

As CITIZENWatch Group evolves and grows, we mean to burnish the appeal of our individualbrands and elevate our overall group o ering so as to deliver greatersatisfaction to more people than ever before.

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