Alia’s Summer Essentials!

Summer is one season that everyone loves but also dreads. For some, summer means going on a holiday, hitting the pool, burying yourself in a book and for some others summer it is purely a season where you must learn to beat the heat!

Alia toolike all of us longs for the perfect summer day. Days that bring back memoriesof summer holidays when we were younger and enjoyed endless times at the beach,sucking on popsicles, donning flip flops and relaxing under the sun. But then,the summer sun bursts our ideal summer bubble and we are left to find ways todeal with the heat.

This summer,Cornetto brand ambassador Alia Bhatt shares a list of summer essentials thatshe swears by while launching the Cornetto Mini Disc Pack of Sharing!  

Sunglasses: This is absolutely the firstthing everyone must reach out to when you step out in the sun. Not only does itadd a hint of glam to your summer outfit but also is very important to protectyour eyes from the rays.

Plan atrip to get away from the heat: Gather your girl gang and plan a quick get-away on thelong weekends to the hills. A quick three-day trip will help you stay cool, andcome back to the city rejuvenated, and doesn’t take a long of time to plan.What would be even better is a spa trip in the hills.

Stay fit: The heat can completely wearyou down and hence funking up your fitness routine is important. Heading outfor a run in the heat really doesn’t appeal to anyone, there is no way that weare going to give up on staying fit just because it is summer. Hit the pool forsome aqua-exercise, aqua Zumba or simply swim. These exercises are great fortoning and easy on the joints, all while staying cool.

Alwayskeep yourself hydrated: While no one stops their daily routine just for summer, you need tokeep yourself hydrated all the time as the mercury rises. Make drinking watermore fun with vitamin water, infused water, lemon water, iced tea if you arenot a big fan otherwise. This will keep break outs at bay.

SummerWardrobe: To beatthe heat, you need to beat it smartly. And you can do that only when you’resmartly dressed. Swear by light weight muslin, linen outfits that will keep youfresh and cool through the day.

Spend theday in: Whenyou are fed up of the heat and want to run far, far away but you can’t becauseof all the things tying you down, you can simply resort to staying indoors.Spending all those days battling the heat, we all deserve a day in. Rent avilla, or even your house, invite your friends home for a weekend of movies,breezy cocktails, a light fresh salad, and of course no party would be completewithout dessert, so round things off with your own pack of sharing.After all a little indulgence hurt no one.

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