‘Apno ke liye MOOV karo’ with new Moov campaign

Bangalore, March 8, 2017: Moov, the market leader in pain management solutions today announced its new ad campaign ‘Apno ke liye MOOV karo’. In one of the TVC, Olympic medallist, P.V. Sindhu will be seen standing up to the nation spreading the key campaign message that Moov enables you to live through the expectations of your loved ones. With this campaign, Moov reinstates its market leadership in pain relief solutions through its product range in ointment and spray categories. The campaign theme of ‘Apno ke liye MOOV karo’ aims to enhance connect with the consumers.

Talking about the campaign and the association, Mr.Rohit Jindal, Marketing Head, RB India said ‘MOOV has a legacy ofhelping people get instant pain relief. With the new campaign we want to saythat pain is a sign of pushing yourself to try harder. P.V Sindhu is the prideof our nation and her dedication and determination towards her game is unmatched.We are proud to associate with her as a brand ambassador for Moov. She inspiresall of us to moov beyond pain and stretch what is possible.” 

Talking about the thought behind the new campaign, PrasoonJoshi, CEO, Mc Cann World Group India said, “MOOV is a dynamicbrand and this an insight campaign to further create a stronger brand connect.We really value our relationship with Reckitt Benckiser. We have already takenDettol from strength to strength with a great partnership with the entire team.With this campaign MOOV, am sure will come closer to our consumers”. 

Commenting on the partnership, Olympic medallist P. V Sindhu said,“I feel overwhelmed to be associated with Moov which is spreading the importantmessage of living a pain free life. I have used the product and recommend it toeveryone for instant pain relief and hope that this association will bringrelevance to their endeavour”. 

About the campaign – Apno ke liye MOOV karo 

In the stagnant category of rubs and balms, MOOV decided to beat marketleadership with thought-leadership. The category demanded a freshperspective on PAIN and subsequently on RELIEF. Pain has largely beendepicted in clichéd narratives where the pain sufferer is shown as being unableto perform her chores or household responsibilities or has to compromise on anactive lifestyle that gets interfered by incidents of pain. Consequently,even the depiction of relief has been around ‘restoration of normalcy’ - ahomemaker back in the kitchen, a young couple back to playing sport, anexecutive running to catch a bus, etc. became markers of relief. All Thisdemanded the depiction of pain with a fresh perspective. MOOV has alwaysunderstood not just pain, but the sufferer in pain. Falling upon its legacy,Moov understands the impact of pain on people’s lives and thus, the role ofpain-relief. Thus was born the idea – ‘Apno Ke Liye MOOV Karo’.

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