Don’t be afraid of surgery for piles: Expert

Bengaluru, November 28, 2016: People suffering from piles (haemorrhoids) should not delay seeking medical advice fearing surgery. There need not be any apprehension that all piles patient need a surgery, according to laparoscopic surgeon Dr Nagaraj Puttaswamy.

He said that the treatment for piles would be more effective if thepatients seek medical advice at the earliest. Though there had been arevolution in the method of treatment, piles patients have a tendency toapproach doctors belatedly. “Patients need not feel ashamed or shy of piles. Itis an ordinary disease. But, patients should shed inhibition and approachdoctors without any hesitation,” he said.

He said that piles is found more predominantly during pregnancy, afterchild birth, employed women, IT employees and drivers. The doctor said thatpeople who have to sit for long hours while at work, should make it a practiceto walk at regular intervals. “They should also take up physical exercises andconsume food with more fibre content. Lack of physical exercise, unhealthy foodhabits and stress are some of the reasons for piles. But, it can be effectivelycontrolled with healthy diet and yoga,” he said.

The doctor said that lifestyle disorders were on the rise in Benglauru.The present-day generation has been consuming unhealthy food. Dependence on fastfood is ruing health.

He saidthat surgeries will be performed on at discounted price on December 1 and 2 on the patients screened at the Sunday’scamp. Experts from several hospitals in the city will be present during thesesurgeries. The objective of this surgery camp is to update doctors on theadvancements in the field and to provide hands-on experience for budding healthprofessionals.

surgeries for the benefit of younger surgeons.

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