Durex unveils the much awaited ‘Durex Jeans’

Bangalore, March 24th 2017: Durex, the world’s #1 sexual wellbeing brand after baffling everyone for last 48 hours with its announcements suggesting its entry into denims, unveiled “Durex Jeans”.

The new agecondom, Durex Jeans is a lubricated, natural rubber latexcondom, designed with latest technology for excellent results. The product willbe packed in the world’s slimmest pocket pack making it almostinvisible in the pocket of the owner. Targeted for youngsters and first timersin the age group of 18-25 years, the product aims to remove theawkwardness attached to the purchase of condom products. A pack of two DurexJeans condoms will be priced at INR 25. Bollywood heartthrob,Ranveer Singh will be the brand ambassador of the newly launched, Durex Jeans. 

Speakingabout the new product, Rohit Jindal, Marketing Director – RB India said “Youthis curious and experimental. Durex Jeans is an effort to have a conversationwith them around safesex. Our campaign purpose is to have fun with the category and induceconversation around the use of condoms. Our brand ambassador Ranveer Singh isyouthful and adventurous youth icon and the perfect endorser of Durex. Thepre-launch announcement with Ranveer has received an overwhelming response.. 

Durex Jeansaimsto bridge the gap in the conversation around safe sex and establish itselfas a youthful condom brand.  The unique creative approach towards thename- Durex Jeans, packaging and availability of the product in a transparentjar at the pharmacist shop aims to break the invisible wall against theaccessibility of condoms. 

Checkout theDurex Jeans teaser ad here:


Ranveer hasearlier associated with Durex for ‘Do The Rex’ and ‘Rex Talk’, both thesecampaigns have been immensely successful in promoting safe sex in India.

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