International megastar Ed Sheeran has made streaming history with his groundbreaking return, launching two immensely successful A side singles simultaneously. Not only have the two records created frenzy across the globe amongst new and old fans alike, Ed has broken Spotify's 'day 1' streaming record with BOTH of his monumental comeback singles "Shape Of You" and "Castle On The Hill". Reaching over a combined 13 million global streams in the first 24 hours, with "Shape Of You" amounting 6,868,642 and "Castle On The Hill" accumulating 6,168,395, Ed has now overtaken the previous 'day one' record holders, One Direction, who notched up 4,759,698 streams with "Drag Me Down" in August 2015, marking another record-breaking milestone in his career.

The two singlesmark a hugely triumphant comeback for the modern day troubadour. Ed's firstreleases since 2015, "Shape Of You" and "Castle On TheHill" are currently dominating the charts worldwide, holding the #1 &#2 spots across: iTunes UK and a total of 77 markets (including UK & USA);Spotify UK and Global charts (36 '#1'/27 '#2' positions to date); Apple MusicUK; UK Airplay, and additionally, Ed has secured a phenomenal 118 #1 positionsacross multiple iTunes markets! The two singles have reached over a staggering25 MILLION combined global Spotify streams in 48 hours and the accompanyinglyric videos for Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill have received over 28million combined hits, having amounted over 10 million views in the first 24hours - these mark his fastest-ever video launches, with the accompanyingofficial videos still to come! Additionally, on Spotify, the singles hold thecurrent '#1' and '#2' Global and UK Chart positions with "Shape OfYou" and "Castle On The Hill" respectively - "Shape OfYou" is also holding #1 in the USA. In the UK alone, the tracks are onover 5.4 million combined streams.

Ed Sheeran'stwo comeback singles - “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape Of You” - mark a hugelyexciting return and another forward-thinking move for 25-year-old Sheeran.Showcasing two very different sides to his unparalleled musical palate, “CastleOn The Hill”, written by Ed and Benny Blanco (also on production), pays homageto growing up in Framlingham, Suffolk. Driving beats and Springsteen-esqueriffs collide to create another stadium-ready anthem. “Shape Of You”, writtenby Ed, Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac (also on production), dismantles andrebuilds modern-pop music using little more than a loop pedal. The record is anextension of the sound for which Ed's become so well-known and has set himapart from his peers - something he first showcased in 2010 with his pivotalSBTV live performance of “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”, and executed on hisdebut EP ‘No.5 Collaborations Project’ (staring an array of grime artistsincluding Wretch 32, Wiley + more), following in 2011.

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