Festive gifting ideas for your loved ones!

Bangalore, December 26, 2016:Good things come in small packages and big ones too! So this holiday season, celebrate the life of giving and receiving by gifting your loved ones some kickass gifts for the New Year’s.

The entire season is filled with opportunities for creative present exchanges. So if you’re torn by the myriad choices of gifts at stores all round, look no further! Here is a pick of some of the choicest gifts for your friends and family.

An Excellent Sweet Treat – Count on Royce Chocolate to make the week special

New Year without the sweet treats is like cake without its icing – great but not that great. So amp up the festive celebrations by giving your near and dear ones a special chocolate assortment called Happy Selection by Royce, one of India’s most luxurious chocolate brands.

 2.           Wine It Up This New Year!

On the occasion of bright lights and festive cheer, Sula Vineyards, India’s #1 wine company has introduced to the market, some exquisite new wines in a bid to up the New Year excitements!

The limited edition Sula Chardonnay Brut is light straw green in colour with fine bubbles and aromas of green apples with fresh citrusy notes. The palate is elegant and soft showing a creamy complexity with a hint of vanilla and tender coconut flavours on the finish. India’s first 100% Chardonnay sparkling wine price at Rs. 1950/-, Sula Chardonnay Brut is sure to be the perfect gift for your loved ones if not yourself. After all, a first of its kind limited edition bottle gifted to a very limited edition-person says a lot!

Also, a 'Limited Edition' of Sula Brut by Sula Vineyards is yet another excellent choice for gifting this year. A complex blend of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Shiraz, the award-winning Sula Brut is one of the few ‘Méthode Champenoise’ wines in the world to be crafted from six different grapes, resulting in something remarkable. Now in a whole new festive packing only available for a couple of months, the Sula Brut does not only taste divine but looks even more spectacular this season! It is priced at Rs. 1050/- .

3.            Books for the holiday season!

Holiday season is meant for joy and comfort. So gift your loved ones a present that they will take with them for life. Some of the best books that will take your friends and family members through an emotional coaster are:

TheWinter series by Elin Hilderbrand

Winter Street (Winter #1), Winter Stroll(Winter #2) and Winter Storms (Winter #3) follow the lives of the Quinn family,as Kelly struggles with his second marriage breaking up, his kids have theirown problems. A new way of perceiving life, the difficulties we face and thegood things it brings along, the winter series is certain to be a fun read thisholiday season!

TheTipping Point and Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by MalcolmGladwell

What better way to share your love andpositivity with your family than giving them the gift of a renewed life and achance to get what they desire. Classics in the Self-Help space, Gladwell’slandmark bestseller The Tipping Point redefines how we understand the worldaround us by providing various perspectives and leaving readers with a secondthought at everything they’ve done and achieved. In Blink, he revolutionizesthe way we understand the world within. It is a book about how we think withoutthinking, about choices that seem to be made in an instant--in the blink of aneye--that actually aren't as simple as they seem.

4.            Nothingsays ‘I love you’ more than a beauty essentials kit!

If you want to say you care to your lovedones, there’s nothing better than this beauty essential kit by ForestEssential. And if it’s for your wife, you are surely up for a great year aheadas the kit is a one-for-all kit comprising of Delicate Facial Cleanser, FacialToner, Sunscreen Lotion, Facial Nourishing Cream, Facial Scrub and a Lip Balm.The kit is priced at Rs. 1875/- and is available on Nyka.com.

5.            TheMAC Holiday Special

New Year’s bring forth parties galore! Sohere is a way of making yourself useful through your gifting, this festiveseason! Buy a special gift voucher from MAC and give your loved ones the chanceto pamper themselves. MAC also has its special festive Collection. With plentyof vibrant colours and shades of lipsticks, blushes, eye make-up, get yourloved ones to leap into a magical land that’s a bit nutty, a little naughty andbursting with whimsy! Your reds and maroons will be a most handy colour aroundthis time!                        

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