Bangalore, 28th April 2017 Forevermark, the diamond brand with the promise of beauty, rarity and responsibly sourced diamonds, is delighted to announce the launch of ZanyahTM, a versatile collection created in collaboration with master couturier Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Staying true to his style of exquisite craftsmanship and rich embellishments, Sabyasachi will debut his exclusive line of diamond jewellery for Forevermark, created to be truly modern heirlooms for the urban luxury seekers.

Talking about the collaboration, designer SabyasachiMukherjee says, “It is the inherent integrity of every Forevermarkdiamond that attracted me the most to the brand – which is why I choseForevermark for my line of diamond jewellery. ZanyahTM meansunique and exceptional just like a Forevermark diamond with its individualinscription. It is a collection that is most true to my personal sense ofstyle, which is more classical and minimalist. You can catch glimpses of mydesign philosophy in the detailing of each piece, weaving the finestForevermark diamonds into intricate jewellery.” 

The collection comprises a delicate range of enamelleddrop earrings and vintage-style rings for menand women in yellow, rose and white gold, crafted withForevermark diamonds. Influenced by fashion and art from the roaringTwenties, the drop earrings with Forevermark diamonds in marquise andround cuts also feature blue, black and green enamelling technique to representthe colour, romance and passion of the 1920s. 

The 15th century Italianrenaissance movement is also characterised in the collection of rings,available from one to ten carats, exemplifying vintage artistry in acontemporary fashion. With a range of cocktail, bridal, engagement andmen’s rings, intricate detailing and laboured cuts such

as emerald and round beautifully depict the artisticmovement of the period. As a diamond lasts forever, so does the everlastingappeal of the ZanyahTM collection, with its timeless piecesthat can be passed down to future generations. 

Describing the collection, Sabyasachi says, “I amexcited about the ZanyahTM collection that draws inspirationfrom the magical nights of the 1920s and the cultural movements from theItalian renaissance period. It’s a true marriage of the west and the east, twovery important artistic periods, to create an enchanted piece of jewellery thatcan be worn on special occasions and gifted to your loved ones. I had theopportunity to visit Forevermark’s Design and Innovation Centre in Milan and Iwas mesmerised by the architecture and creative expression that envelopes thecity. I found that jewellery in Milan was reminiscent of Bengali design andeasily recognised my muse for the collection.” 

Forevermark India President, Sachin Jain, adds,“Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of India’s favourite bridal designers and weare honoured to work with him. The ZanyahTM collection fuses aperfect blend of tradition with modern opulence and glamour. Sabyasachi’sgrandiose style of fashion is as precious and timeless as a Forevermarkdiamond. People will cherish these magnificent pieces that are made with thefinest diamonds, as less than one percent of the world’s diamonds qualify tobecome a Forevermark diamond.” 

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