Get ready for an all- natural treat with the TRESemmé Botanique Range

Bangalore, March 13, 2017: Say goodbye to your hair woes as TRESemmé launches the Botanique shampoo and conditioner range. Enriched with two powerful professionally blended systems, the new range is inspired by nature and compliments all hair types. Available in two variants, Nourish & Replenish and Detox & Restore, the Botanique range is the perfect option to restore your hair’s natural shine and strength while deeply nourishing it.

With increasing stress and decreasing time, your hair is the first to bear the brunt by losing its softness and vibrancy. The two variants of the new Botanique range are equipped to nurture and repair the damage by gently working on your hair.

The Nourish & Replenish variant is an ideal blend of Olive oil and Camellia oil, which are both known to be rich sources of essential nutrients and antioxidants. This variant cleanses and nourishes your hair to give it a silky soft feel and natural shine, with a creamy fragrance of fig milk and coconut water. The second variant, Detox & Restore, is infused with Ginseng and Neem which are established as the ultimate purifiers and revitalizers. This range is induced with fragrance of fresh elements like summer blossoms, zesty citrus and ginger. Both variants of the Botanique range are crafted by experts to give your hair a salon- ready look at home.

Speaking about the new launch of the product, Srirup Mitra, General Manager, Hair Care, Hindustan Unilever Limited said, “TRESemmé has always been at the forefront of innovations and a pioneer in bringing in Salon treatment benefits in hair. So, it’s only fair therefore that TRESemmé launches a naturals range – A Megatrend in India. The new TRESemmé Botanique range is based on modern lush nourishing natural ingredients like Camellia Oil, Olive Oil & Ginseng that restore your hair’s healthy natural shine.”

“Anything that is all natural and has nutrients is most definitely the best thing to give your hair some TLC. The TRESemmé Botanique launch is something that I'm really kicked about and can’t wait to try on. 

Having toshoot long hours every day, my hair is more often than not exposed to chemicalsand other harmful pollutants, and sometimes the unpredictable weather also addsto it.

This iswhere the new range will help in nourishing the hair and bringing back itsshine and beauty.

Times likethese I can now resort to this exciting new range of products. I think this isthe ultimate solution to all our hair troubles”, TRESemmé‘s Brand AmbassadorJacqueline Fernandez said on the launch.

Talkingabout the new launch, Daniel Bauer, TRESemmé Hair Expert said, “When it comesto choosing the right shampoo and conditioner, I advise my clients to lookbeyond the bottle and look at the real benefits inside. TRESemmé’s Botaniquerange is a perfect innovation, making your hair look beautiful while providingthe vital natural nourishments it needs to thrive in our Indian climate.Salon-ready hair is literally one wash away.”

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