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It’s that time of the year, to start making promises, once again, to yourself!! While all of us are pumped up about making New Year resolutions, most of those resolution do not cross the first two weeks of the New Year.

This hasn’t however never deterred us from being optimistic and making resolutions once again. With 2017, just a few days away, what is on your bucket list? If it is about taking care of your health, then worry not, is here to help you stick to your resolutions throughout the year with its Health & Fitness resolution store.

From resolutions like weight loss to weight gain, building a healthy body to improving grooming, the store is specially curated with a combination of different categories ranging across personal care, health care devices, sports and grocery etc to help you plan and track your resolutions better.

This store will not only helps individuals but a complete family to take care of their health. It has sections which cater to different target audiences like women’s health,kid’s health and elderly health. Each section calls out products that can help a customer buy everything like nutrition, sports supplements, vitamins, healthy snacking, sports equipment, aphrodisiacsin just one click.

Here is what the store offers –

Lose weight – Every day is new challenge towards losing weight. As an individual you pledge to honor a daily routine and count every last calorie. But soon, you're eating junk at office and grabbing happy hour mojitos, and then, oops, the carefully planneddiet has gone for a toss!! All this can be made easy by using a fitness trackerto keep a count of your calorie intake. You can also invest in exercise bikeand get fit at home. Also don’t forget to keep a tab on your weight by using a weighing scaleregularly.

Eat Healthy-Eating healthy is an important step today to keep oneself fit and fine. A balanceddiet involves eating the right sort of foods, in the right amounts to provideenergy and nutrients for our bodies to function. Intake vitamins & supplements to maintain your health and strength.Make low-sugar treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Try using Air Fryerto cook deep fry snacks. Swap saturated fat with thehealthier unsaturated fats like olive oil and fish oils. 

Monitoring yourhealth – Keep the doctor away by doing it yourself!! Health Checkis very important and technology has made it easier today, which also means ourhealth is our responsibility.  Life isnow easy with health gadgets use a Blood Pressure machineto keep your blood press in track,use a Glucometera keep your diabetes under control. Activity trackersare now a fashion statement as well, they would help monitorevery moment, from counting steps, miles cycled,floors climbed, and calories consumed, to measuring all kinds of bodilyfunctions like heart rate and sleep patterns.

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