Hrithik Roshan thrills his fans by launching HRX Workout in collaboration with Cult

March 13, 2017: Often referred to as ‘The Greek God’ of Indian Cinema or ‘Asia’s most desirable man’ - Hrithik Roshan launched his much-loved ‘HRX Workout’ in collaboration with Cult, at Bengaluru today. HRX Workout will be exclusively available for all Cult members across 10 centres in Bangalore.

As anopportunity to give back to his fans, HRX workouts have been inspired byHrithik’s own journey & experience of overcoming challenges, injuries andstaying fit. The workouts have been created by his trainer Mustafa Ahmed alongwith the fitness team at Cult. The workouts have three categories – ‘TheFirst Step’, ‘The Zone’ and ‘What’s Your Edge’. 

Speaking onthe occasion, Hrithik Roshan said, “Our endeavouris to inspire people of all ages to help them lead a healthy lifestyle. Throughmy collaboration with CureFit and Cult, I hope to achieve this mission in agreater way. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner with similar fitnessvalues. I have always been asked about my fitness regime. I felt now is thetime to create workouts taking into account all my learnings over the years. Ihope people will benefit with this signature line.”

MukeshBansal, Co-Founder, CureFit, said, “I am sure this is a dream come true for Hrithik’s fans. WithHrithik’s signature fitness workouts, we are hoping that more & more peoplewill be inspired to get fit & be healthy in this challenging environment.We hope that Bengalureans will make full use of this golden opportunity.”

Hefurther added, “Ibelieve that India is at cusp of a major fitness revolution. Trends alreadyindicate a major shift in approach of people towards fitness. As a company, wewant to be at the helm of bringing the very best to our customers across allaspects of health & fitness. Tie-up with the celebrity who understands thisand is invested personally in promoting this approach, is a step in thisdirection.”

The workoutsare designed in a way to cater to people of all ages and interests. ‘The FirstStep’ is a beginner’s workout aimed at anybody, irrespective of age, evenif they have never entered a gym before. It is also well suited forathletes needing to start over, to take the "first step" as Hrithikcalls it. 

‘The Zone’is a combination of all the exercises that Hrithik actually does everyday. These workouts take inspiration from animal moves,mobility, primal moves, etc. It focuses on improving range of motion, full bodystrength and core strength.

‘What's YourEdge?’ is a competition workout as Hrithik believes competition is the onlyplace where others actually push you to excel! There will be a set ofchallenges designed to push one’s limits and emerge fitter andstronger. ‘What's Your Edge?’ comes with a huge prize, which isto be announced.

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