Keep your skin pigmentation at bay, the easiest way! With Banjara’s Skin +ve

Pigmentation, darkish discoloration of the face, is a very common problem. Increased level of melanin pigment in the skin often results in pigmentation. The most probable causes for this are the excessive exposure of the sun, acne, hereditary and hormonal changes.

 “Tokeep pigmentation at bay, apply sunscreen, not just in summers but whenever youare out in the sun for a longer period.  A good sunscreen with effectiveanti-ageing agents such as pomegranate – will not only protect you from harmfulrays, UV A and B type, but will also slow down the process of ageing bycombating the free radicals ” says Ramesh Viswanathan, ManagingDirector, Brand Banjara’s 

To fightpigmentation, pomegranate is the best rescue you will ever come across.Enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it is good for our wholebody. It helps in boosting the collagen and elastin in the body thus helping inmaintaining the elasticity of the skin & making it look youthful.Pomegranate’s seed oil also protects the skin from damaging effects of sunlightlike pigmentation and ageing. 

Banjara’sSkin +ve beauty cream adds to your natural beauty by making it healthy,youthful and flawless. It protects repairs and hydrates the skin. Enriched withPomegranate, it accelerates the skin repair process, helps to firm up andtighten the skin to preserve its youth. Olive oil, Wheat germ oil andProvitamin B5, help build skin elasticity and hydration for a smoother, youngerlooking skin. SPF15 and PA++ provide broad spectrum protection from harmful UVA and UV B rays.  

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