Kingfisher Ultra debuts its webseries ‘Ultra Shorts’

Kingfisher’s digital strategy is a very important facet of the brand’s marketing approach in connecting with the TG through consumer engaging initiatives and the usage of social media. Ultra Shorts is an initiative to create a bond with its consumers, bringing the human touch to digital activations. The channel has already received more than 3 million views in a week’s time. Ultra shorts willserve as a medium to reach out to our audiences with a more sensitive approach.

The first short movie titled ‘Half Ticket’ is a fun andexciting tale that revolves around two strangers - Ayaan and Rhea, played bypopular actors Naveen Kasturia and Gunjan Malhotra. The characters eachreceive a half ticket each to the derby to attend the Derby. The episodecaptures their roller-coaster of a blind date at the derby and inhibitions oftotal strangers who have to get to know one another. The episode captures thelife of modern working-class individuals, especially the social andprofessional obligations that they face.

Kingfisher Ultra is constantly on the lookout for newand exciting ways to engage with its consumers. With Ultra Shorts: ShortMovies, the brand went offbeat to create connect and reach out to its consumerwith engaging stories. Ultra Shorts will be an independent YouTube channelwhich will release a series of short films at frequent intervals, with eachfilm offering a different storyline and building a personal connect with itsaudience.

The ‘Half Ticket’ episode was created making the bestuse of the upcoming Kingfisher Ultra Indian Derby, the story revolves aroundthe atmosphere that the Derby encapsulates. Every year a multitude of ladiesand gents head down to the Kingfisher Ultra Indian Derby to experience thevibrant atmosphere, making it the perfect place to create social synergy. The‘Half Ticket’ campaign will look to bring more people together at such anoccasion.

Watch the full movie at:

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