Kross Pictures awarded injunction against producers of Kannada movie Pushpaka Vimana

31st March 2017. Mumbai: The Bombay High Court has issued an ad-interim injunction restraining further exhibition and distribution of the Kannada film, “Pushpaka Vimana” in any manner or in any medium including cinema theatres, television, CDs/DVDs. The order restrains the film-makers from awarding any rights in relation to satellite or telecast rights of the film for its exhibition. The Court further directed defendants to disclose to the court the earnings from the film and all contracts with artists involved with the movie.

TheBombayHigh Court stated that the Kannada film prima facie appears to be a copyof theKorean film called “Miracle In Cell No. 7” the rights to which are ownedbyKross Pictures India. The original film was released on 23rd January2013,first in Korean and then on Youtube in English in 2014. Kross Pictureshadmoved the Bombay High Court claiming copyright infringement againsttheproducers of the Pushpaka Vimana. Dr. Birendra Saraf, instructed byAnirudhRastogi of TRA and Ankita Singh of A&P Partners, appearing forKrossPictures drew the court’s attention to at least fifteen instanceswhereproducer AR Vikhyat  of VikhyatChitra Productions has publicly admittedthat he ‘adapted’ the screenplay of theKorean film for Pushpak Vimana.

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