Now get rid of Tan with concoction of magical Multanimitti & fresh juicy oranges

Sun tan or Sun burn is a fairly common problem faced by all of us, especially during the summers. Scorching heat and over-exposure to the sun always plays harsh on your skin and it is bound to get tanned, giving you that chequered look if you don’t play safe. The main reason behind skin tanning is a pigment called “melanin” that is present in the skin. Melanin is a natural protector for our skin& our body normally creates melanin as a response to sun exposure in order to protect the inner layers of the skin from damage. This is the primary reason why skin changes colour after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

A day out in the sun is so much fun! If only the skin can be fresh and energetic till the end of the day. Skin care in summer calls for special attention because during the summer season the skin’s natural oils start flowing freely making the skin appear dull, oily and blemished. Apart from this if someone stays in the Sun for a longer period, it not only increases the tan and darkness, but also enhances the problems of wrinkles and patchy skin. 

Why worry about tanning and dullness, when you have the most gentle and effective solution to feel refreshed once again. Natural remedies are always the best way to tackle the issue of Sun tan and Sun burn.

Multanimitti (Fuller’s Earth) has numerous skin benefits. From centuries people are using this magical clay to make their skin radiant and beautiful and increase their divine beauty.It is a natural cleanser which is full of essential micro nutrients, minerals which are beneficial for skin. It has a cooling effect and controls excessive heat, hyperpigmentation and cleanses deposits of dust, oil & environmental pollutants. In India it is being used for centuries to treat several skin related problems and getting a clean and clear skin free from blemishes, black spots and acne. It absorbs impurities like excess oil, sweat, and dirt from the face providing a soft, supple, and youthful look.

Orange, commonly known as “Narangi” in Sanskrit, is one of the most widely consumed fruits round the globe. Orange (Citurssinensis), widely grown all over the world, is a rich source of Vitamin C and carotene, both of which are powerful antioxidants. It is loaded with treasure of health benefiting qualities. While Researchers in today’s age are unearthing the health benefits of orange, ancient Ayurvedic text books have attributed this wonder fruit with many qualities.Being a powerful antioxidant, it not only helps reducing the ill effects of sunlight but also unclogs skin pores without stripping away the natural moisture. A natural exfoliator, orange gently removes excess oil and dirt from skin making it clean and tan free. 

Get the best of MultaniMitti, in its purest form taken from the palms of mother earth, mixed with fresh juicy orange peel, in a soap free & gentle face wash to give you the tan free flawless beautiful skin, you always aspired for.

Mr. Vishal Kumar – Head, Research & Development, Brand Banjara’s.

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