Bangalore, May 11, 2017: BURGER KING® has introduced a new line up right in time for this summer holiday season! Burger King has debuted the Limited period Salsa Whopper, with a light and refreshing combination of delicious chipotle yogurt Mayo, chunky tomato salsa and crunchy nachos to top up the classic WHOPPER.

BURGER KING®has also introduced two new vegetarian burgers to its line-up – Crispy VegSupreme and Veg Surprise – which will add more options across price-points toBurger King’s already impressive vegetarian selection. The Crispy Veg Supremeburger contains a flavourful, classic crispy veg patty with a delicious twistof pickle, fresh eggless mayo and slice of freshly sliced tomato. The VegSurprise burger is a perfect combination a mixed veg patty topped with smoky dipsauce, freshly sliced tomato and a unique coleslaw mix which is the first ofits kind in the category. The NEW Cripsy Veg Supreme and Veg Surprise burgersare now available at all Burger King Outlets for Rs. 45 and Rs 79 respectively. 

With thesetwo new launches Burger King now has a total of 9 burgers under INR 100including 5 vegetarian burgers. This means that this summer there is alip-smacking delicious offering across every price point for the Indianconsumer. 

“Our guestslove the exciting new flavour combinations we launch each season. The new SalsaWhopper is our take on the perfect blend of Mexican flavours with our signatureWhopper that provides our guests the perfect reason to come in this summer fora delightful meal,” said Rajeev Varman, CEO, Burger King India. “At the sametime, we stay committed to the India market with unique vegetarian productsMADE FOR INDIA. We now have five vegetarian products under the INR 100price-point. Our guests can now choose their favourite at burger from our rangeof 18 amazing burgers all with a unique and differentiated taste experience” 

Furtherelaborating on the value proposition of Burger King, Mr. Varman added, “Wecontinue to design our strategy keeping in mind the demands of our Indianconsumers. Our menu has always followed the mantra of ‘Made for India, inIndia’, to suit local tastes and preferences. Our vision is to offer our gueststhe most innovative and value for money menu in the Indian QSR space.”

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