Bengaluru March 23rd 2017. Today is World Optometry Day. Considering the fact that two third of all population have issues with their sight, this day is very significant.

Optometry isdefined as the professional practice of eye and vision care for the diagnosis,treatment, and prevention of diseases and conditions of the eye and visualsystem. On World Optometry Day, Project Vision presented certificates for eightvisually challenged students who had completed their computer training. Thetraining program was supported by Essilor Manufacturing India Private Limited.  

Ms AichaMokdahi, the President of Essilor Vision Foundation based in Paris distributedthe certificates. Essilor is the largest manufacturers of spectacles in theworld. Apart from selling spectacles, Essilor is involved in several projectsto bring sight to the poor and marginalised sections of the society in variouscountries around the world, with major involvement in India.  

ProjectVision has been working for the visually challenged since 2013 with the vision,‘let everyone see’. Initiating a movement on eye donation, Project Vision hasmotivated about 60,000 persons to pledge their eyes. Corneas have beencollected from about 50 persons giving sight to 100 persons.  

EduVison isone of the projects of Projects Vision providing education and training for thevisually challenged students. About 200 students are helped with collegeeducation.  

Computertraining was launched in 2015 with the computers that were provided by RotaryBangalore Districts.

Fr GeorgeKannanthanam, Founder and Director of Project Vision presented about thevarious initiatives they have planned for the visually challenged persons.

For or call  FrGeorge Kannanthanam: 9845811515

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