St Martha’s Hospital Undertakes Various Activities to Support UN Orange Day Campaign

Bangalore, November 25th 2016: Internationally, November 25th marks the beginning of a 15 day campaign for the ‘Elimination of Violence Against Women’. This campaign has been announced by the United Nations and displaying solidarity with this call, St Martha’s Hospital and its staff commemorated the day in a number of small, yet effective ways.

Speaking on the Hospital celebrating this day, Friday, the Sr .Teresa Mandakath, Sister Superior  of St Martha’s Hospital says, “As aninstitution, our hospital was founded specifically to care for the women andchildren of society. Though their progress has come a long way since ourestablishment, there is still a lot that needs to be done for the welfare anddevelopment of women and girls. Extending our support to this day shows that wecontinue to dedicate ourselves to this cause and the spreading of the word onit”.

Among the activities carried out were the putting up of posters acrossthe OPD on topics that were targeted at educating doctors as well as patientsat the hospital. Informative posters on Child Labour lawsin India, Marital Abuse & Rape laws in India, Types of Abuse we have grownto take for granted were put up. Important awareness messages such as thepresence of a sexual harassment police unit at St Martha’s hospital, on howstaying silent is partaking in the crime as well as how neglect is violencewith a silence were also put up.

The staff at St Martha’s hospital were shown an educational video on howto observe and report the various signs of abuse in women and children. Besidesthis the hospital had stickers printed and distributed among all patients inthe OPD with the message of “Stop Violence Against Women”. The staff from theDepartment of Physiotherapy have also created orange ribbons and bows for thestaff of the hospital. 

These various activities will be continued till 10th December2016.

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