The latest campaign by resonates the brand’s ideology #TrySomethingNew

Leading online restaurant, has recently launched their online campaign, #TrySomethingNew .The series features inspiring young individuals who have dared to try something different in their lives.

The campaignresonates with FreshMenu’s belief which encourages people to try something newevery day with a daily changing menu inspired from cuisines across the world.It encourages people to explore novel avenues and discover new possibilities inlife.

The seriesso far has featured three charismatic and dynamic individuals.

The firstvideo features Charles Ma, a professional Bharatanatyam soloist andGuru, whose passion for dance goes beyond the classical idiom to tell us abouthis inquiry into this mystical art form. 

While thesecond video narrates the story of underwater photography professional, BhushanBagadia whose urge to try something new helped him discover his lovefor the marine world and sparked his love for underwater photography.

The newestand the third video features popular illustrator Alicia Souza. While Alicia loved sketching, she never considered it as a viable careeroption. She worked with several brands including Chumbak before she started herown project.

Speakingabout the campaign, Rashmi Daga, CEO/Founder, said,“At, we constantly try something new and serve excitinginternational cuisine to our customers. Every day has something new to offer asthe menu is never the same. Hence the campaign #TrySomethingNew reflectsthe brand’s ideology. It celebrates stories of people from our neighbourhoodwho took a leap of faith, explored their options, tried new avenues andexcelled in it.”    

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