Watches that made noteworthy appearance on the silver screen

Silver screen has created many icons for the movie buffs and fashion enthusiasts alike. Being an important part of an actor’s overall appearance, wristwatches are bound to be noticed and gain popularity. When any accessory worn by a film star becomes a trademark of his personality, it’s a win-win situation for both. The fame of the actor and the accessory grows together and their bonding becomes even stronger.

Mission Apollo 3 with Omega Speedmaster Omega Speedmaster watch worn by Tom Hanks in the movie Apollo 13 was an inevitable part of the storyline, and not just a promotional affair. The movie that revolved around the endeavors of the Apollo 13 crew to get back to Earth safely was bound to show the flight controllers taking every time unit seriously, and here came into role the watch certified by NASA for spaceflight – Omega Speedmaster. Tom Hanks, playing the role of a NASA astronaut in the movie, just fell in love with the Omega watch’s quintessential charm and was seen flaunting the same even in the real life. His love for Omega watches is not confined to the Speedmaster only, but he was also seen wearing a Memomatic model in The Terminal. Gold Rolex as demand of the story A movie that came in early 1990s but made a strong place in the heart of its fans - Glengarry Glen Ross. What comes in your mind when you recall this movie? It must be the scene where Alec Baldwin gives power-packed Always Be Closing speech. It’s the scene where he uses his Rolex Day-Date gold watch to showcase his perception about success in life. According to the speech, if anyone owns a gold Rolex watch that is more expensive than his car, then he has climbed high on the ladder of success! James Bond and the Omega saga The bond between movies and luxury watches has showed no sign of fading away with time. The James Bond -Omega saga is something that will stay fresh in the memory of movie lovers for long.Pierce Brosnan and Omega Seamaster together debuted in the movie Golden Eye (from the James Bond series). Since then, the two of them are seen together in many other James Bond movies like, The World is Not Enough, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royale, Die Another Day, Skyfall, Quantum of Solace, and SPECTRE.

Seiko featuringin action blockbusters

Seiko 6105 made a strong place in thecollectibles of movie buffs, all thanks to its strong silver screen connection.Martin Sheen, featuring in the movie ApocalypseNow with Seiko 6105 around his wrist, not only won hearts of millions withhis role of an Army Spec Ops officer, but also made Seiko the hero of the worldof sturdy watches. Another Seiko watch with an interesting movie history is SeikoH558. This Quartz diver is no doubt a masterpiece in its own right, but it was ArnoldSchwarzenegger who made it shine in the world of watches. Predator, The Running Man, Commando are the few of his many movieswhere he performed the best action scenes with Seiko watches accompanying him.

The best-known luxury watch brandshave a deep history of revolutionizing the fashion world and a long line ofcelebrities who associated officially and unofficially with them. You canexplore the masterpiece collections ofSeiko and Omega watches online with Zimson.Suchis the allure of luxury watches from prestigious brands that even stalwarts andmovie makers can’t stay aloof from them. Going well with the story line and thecharacter development in many movies, wristwatches have formed an associationwith silver screen that is to be continued for long.

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